Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga in PDX




October 26th
1:30-3:30 p.m. at Yoga Omazing.

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Have you ever gone to a yoga class and wondered if you were "doing it right?" Well, the easy answer is yes, as long as you were breathing and trying to stay in the present moment. But the wonderful thing about yoga is that there are always opportunities to learn, grow and refine your practice. I’m excited to offer an Alignment Lab workshop series. In this series, you’ll slow down your practice and break down some common yoga poses. Check out the Workshops page for more info.
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Every body can do yoga

My goal as a teacher is to make yoga fun and accessible to students of all ages and ability levels. I love to teach classes with movement, breath work, fun flows and poses that encourage us to tap into our inner strength, be more mindful, connect to our bodies and love and care for ourselves, not just physically, but in all aspects of our lives. Yoga is a journey, not just to fitness but to peace, mental and emotional balance, and self-love. The first step in that journey is just showing up. There is no judgement, no competition and no expectations. Just you and your practice. Start that journey today.